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Thursday, Oct. 17th 2019

Office Tables Installed: Conference Tables, Training Room Tables, Break Room Tables

office tables

This client was looking for office tables.  They needed conference tables, training tables, and break room tables.  We will showcase each area and the furniture chosen to meet the client’s needs.  If you are wondering what size table for your space, we developed the conference room size calculator.  

Conference Tables

The client wanted a 6 foot conference table.  The oval shape allows for more seating around the table.  Much of the seating of this install was nesting chairs.  We created a video explaining the benefits of nesting chairs.  

The bright green nesting chairs added a color pop contrasting with the cherry conference table.  The other seating chosen was neutral in color.  The pop is a nice way to identify the meeting room.  We are meeting in the Green Room.  

6 foot conference table

Window Film for Conference Room 

We are always on the look out for cool conference rooms.  This window film for a conference room was added to the glass walls.  It is helpful for meeting participants to avoid distractions and focus on the meeting.  The window film design is timeless without being distracting.  

window film for conference room

Training Room Tables 

For the next room, the client wanted flexibility.  We used mobile training room tables that could be put together to form a bigger table.  This room is a multipurpose room.  It can be a big conference room or a break out room for training.  Again, we repurposed some very nice nesting chairs.  With some reupholstery work from our neighbor on Design Drive, the chairs look great in the new space.  

Break Room Tables 

Every office has a break room or cafeteria.  For furniture options, we suggest break room furniture that is easy to clean.  Laminate tables and chairs that can be wiped down.  In our used office furniture inventory, we had these Senator chairs.  These break room chairs are light weight and stacking.  This allows you to sweep under the tables.  If you want an armless option, the arms of the chairs remove quickly with the help of a screw gun.  They chose 2 smaller tables vs 1 big table for individual or seating in small groups.  

break room tables

When our client was thinking about office tables, they took the approach to look at each room and think about what was needed now with flexibility to change the space in the future.  From nesting chairs and mobile tables, the office furniture selection provides plenty of flexibility.  

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