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Monday, Apr. 30th 2018

Office Lighting Designer

Office Lighting Designer

Office Lighting Designer –  That is what we knew we needed for our showroom.  Since sustainability is a huge part of what we do with office furniture, we knew we wanted commercial LED lighting.  

Benefits for Commercial LED Lighting

  • Saving Power Usage –   By moving to LED lights, we could add the possibility of more folks working on computers in the showroom at the same time.  In one light fixture, we knocked the power draw down by over 66%.  
  • Brighter –  LED light is brighter & better quality light
  • Less Heat –  Traditional lights are hot.  Not LED lights.  This will save you on your air conditioning costs in the summer.  
  • Lifespan is Longer A LED lightbulb lasts longer than a traditional light bulb.
  • No mercury or CO2  Fluorescent light bulbs contain both.  LED lights do not.  

Bottom line, commercial LED lighting was a must have.  Then, we moved to finding the right office lighting designer and eco-friendly lights.  The first match for office lighting designer was the maker of Scraplights.  

Eco Friendly Lights

To see more about these scraplights & purchase, go to our listing.  


We also liked the commercial lighting coming down the pipeline from this studio.  Stay tuned as our offerings continue expand.  

For some custom pieces, we became the office lighting designer.  We worked on a conference room light to match our industrial office style.  We also wanted to give a nod to Made in the USA.  Here we used vintage glasses in red, white, and blue.  

Red White and Blue Lights

rustic light fixtures


The last light took the longest to design.  It is a chandelier from reclaimed aluminum drums from printers.  This light deserves its own blog that will be coming soon.  This light challenged us at every turn!  Finding an LED light bulb to fit the drum was a several hour of hunting.  

Blue Chandelier




Not as fun to purchase, but just as important was selecting the LED track lighting.  For this lighting, we looked at several vendors.  In the end, we made the decision on price and lead time. 

In closing, if an office lighting designer is what you need, we would love to help!  From custom commercial lights to eco-friendly commercial lights, we have been thru this with our own purchases & can assist be your office lighting designer.  






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