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Saturday, Jun. 9th 2018

Sustainable Practices Definition in terms of Office Furniture Kansas City

sustainable practices definition

Sustainability can mean so many things!  We want to explain our sustainable practices definition in terms of the products we showcase on our website.  The first two categories on the chart are Reduce & Reuse.  They are the most green options.  If we are talking about office furniture, we can help you reduce and reuse.  One company reduced their cubicle foot print one floor at a time.  If you are looking to work in a smaller footprint & need assistance, we can help.  

Sustainable Practices Definition

Let’s get into the other categories.  

refresh sustainability

For us, we love to refresh.  We can refresh a work space with reupholstery on office chairs.  If you have quality office chairs in a blue or burgundy, you can change that fabric to black or another color.  We can do a graphic wrap on your overhead storage or desks.  For wood desks, you can touch up these to look incredible!  

Here are cubicle overheads that have been refreshed with digital graphics to become meeting room storage.  

Cubicle Overheads Refreshed

remanufactured sustainability

Remanufactured or Refurbish is a bit more extensive, hence, the green is less green.  Remanufacturing still can have significant environmental savings.  

  • Saves 85% of energy use
  • Reduces 86% of water use
  • Eliminates 85% of material use

These remanufactured or refurbished cubicles are an example of remanufacturing.  

Industrial 4' x 2' Cubicles Kansas City


recycle sustainability

Recycle is an important category.  If we are on a project and the cubicle system is no longer current, we recycle the metal & keep the power.  That metal is then melted to become new products.  Or, in the case of our recycled glass table tops, those come from post-consumer recycling.  Talk about trash to treasure!!


recycleable sustainability

Next is recyclable.  When we are looking at office products, we want to see they can be recycleable.  We want to keep items out of the landfill.  We took a second look at this these interlocking vinyl tiles.  First, they require no chemicals to attach to the substrate (floor).  This allows them to be recyclable & even means there is a secondary market.  They are also Made in Kansas City which makes us smile.  We did a happy dance when we realized they are only a mile down the road from our showroom!   That is a major thumbs up in transportation cost!! 

virgin sustainability

Finally, the last category is Virgin.  This means new with no recycle parts & virgin material.  For us, this is our budget line of office chairs.  They are new & they are made in China.  We bring them in from Dallas after China manufacturing.

best mesh office chair under 200 Kansas City  


In conclusion, hopefully, the sustainability practices definition will assist in your future purchases!  






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