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Wednesday, Nov. 3rd 2021

Quick Ship Office Cubicles for Hospitality Company

quick ship office cubicles for hospitality company

These quick ship office cubicles for a hospitality company are just what they needed for their new office. From the order date to install, less than 3 weeks passed on the calendar. What about long lead times due to supply issues? Oh, that is real, but we worked closely with our manufacturing partner and got it done just before the team moved into the office space.


Lead Time Meme
Lead Time Meme


6×6 Cubicles 65″ Tall

6×6 Cubicles still remain the most popular size in office design. We have other examples of 6 x 6 cubicles. Or, if you want to see additional size examples, check out our standard size of office cubicles page. With the size of the cubicles locked down, our client debated the height of the cubicle. We looked at 47″ tall which would have seat privacy and also 82″ tall.   In the end our client decided to do 47″ tall with an 18″ glass stacker.


6x6 cubicles
6×6 Cubicles 65″ tall

Grey Cubicles with White Desk Tops

Once we had the size and height of the cubicle, it was time to think about the finishes of the cubicle. To expedite the order, we suggested grey fabric and silver paint. We knew this was in stock and would allow a quick turn around. Luckily, this was just want the client wanted!

You can see the trim and fabric against the carpet selection.


carpet color with grey cubicles
Carpet Color with Grey Cubicles

Quick Ship Office Cubicle Review

After our local install partner sent us pictures, we thought the cubicles looked great. However, what really mattered was what our client thought. They LOVED them. They are excited that as they grow they can add on to the cubicles.


customer review of quick ship cubicles
Customer Review of Quick Ship Cubicles

If you are interested quick ship office cubicles for a hospitality company or any other company, please contact us.

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