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Tuesday, Nov. 2nd 2021

Outdoor Artificial Green Wall for shopping center in Leawood Kansas

outdoor artificial green wall for shopping center

When we think of an outdoor BAM wall, we love the outdoor artificial green wall panels used at Ranchmart in Leawood, Kansas. Faux plant panels can be used in both residential and commercial spaces. They are found in office buildings where employees can work or relax while feeling like they’re at home. Artificial green wall panels are made from durable vinyl that creates the illusion of foliage with their detailed depth and coloration. This product has become increasingly popular because it’s more cost effective than other options on the market for providing a natural looking environment indoors or outdoors with minimal maintenance!  Yes, we love minimal maintenance!

Artificial Green Wall Panel

We played a small part in this install at Ranchmart in Leawood, a suburb of Kansas City. We had ordered an artificial green wall panel sample to show a few clients. The manufacturing contact called us and asked if could we drive over the sample to a local construction contractor for the Ranchmart Shopping Center. The contractor and architect were comparing options and needed the sample that day. There was talk about a free dinner at Rye as an incentive which sealed the deal for us to rush to the construction site.

Fast forward several months and you can see the incredible pictures of this BAM wall.


fake plant wall
Fake Green Wall

Outdoor Artificial Green Wall

What you can’t see in the pictures is the size of this area. It is huge! The picture of the door gives you some idea of the scale of that one area of the outdoor artificial green wall. The area is still under construction and we can’t wait to see the design completed soon.


artificial greenery wall panels
Outdoor Artificial Green Wall

Biophilic Design in Firehouses

This project was actually the 2nd time we were asked to hand deliver the sample. The first was to a local architect that focuses on designing fire stations. There are so many benefits of plants in the office. In their research, it is extremely important to design an environment to quickly relax firefighters to achieve REM sleep. It is no surprise that relaxing quickly after the adrenaline rush of fire fighting can be a struggle. Biophilic Design is beneficial for this purpose since the human brain prefers natural scenery when trying rest from stressful situations or activities such as fighting fires!

Artificial Plant Wall Ideas

Here are other more examples of artificial plant wall ideas. From signage to conference rooms, you can take a wall from boring to BAM! Greenery is a fantastic way to add some green to your office space!


signage for outdoor with artificial plants
Signage for Outdoor with Artificial Plants
artificial greenery wall for conference room
Artificial Plant Wall Ideas

artificial plant panels
Artificial Plant Panels

If you want your own BAM! wall, please contact us!

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