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Tuesday, Jul. 17th 2018

Interested in restoration? Us too. See the restoration of old buildings by following this restoration in historic downtown Grandview, Missouri

Restoration of Old Buildings

We love restoration of old buildings.   When looking for a showroom, we were fortunate to be involved in the restoration of an old building.  Our new home at 613 Main Street in downtown Grandview.  From what we have heard, the building was built around 1915.  It is next to railroad tracks & goods were taken off the tracks & placed in the warehouse & then, moved out to their destination.  For the last 35 years, Grandview Top used it for their mill shop.  Grandview Top expanded their operations & moved that piece of their business down the road when Unruh Furniture moved to mid-town Kansas City to restore their own old building in an abandoned church.

Grandview Top’s  showroom remains across the street and a pillar of the Main Street community.

Here is where our building started.

If you would rather see the restoration of old buildings video, click on the picture.  The video will take you through day we found the building to the day before we moved into it.

Commercial Renovations Before and After Pictures

Restoration of Historic Buildings

We were not sure what we would find when the drop ceiling came down, but we knew we would like it better than the aging drop ceiling.

Drop Ceiling Before Remodel

Everyone that comes to our showroom mentions our ceiling.  Our plan had been to paint the ceiling.  That plan all changed when this beautiful ceiling was revealed.  We love that you can see the reclaimed wood.  We found out the reclaimed wood came from railroad box cars.  If only that ceiling could talk!

Reclaimed Wood Ceiling

Reclaimed Wood Ceiling

Interior Column Design

Another favorite is our column or pillar.    The brick was incredible.  The bottom wasn’t.  It needed some help.  Here you can see the before and after.  The column has white oak framed around it.  We love the way art can be displayed on that column.

Column Art

Column Problem Becomes Seating Solution

Showcasing this column, reminds us of another column problem that was solved creatively.  In this design, these large columns becoming a custom seating solution.  The columns have power and make a unique and warm seating option for anyone visiting the library.  These booths were designed by our booth partner.  You can call or text us at 913-701-4847 to discuss.

how to design around a load bearing column in commercial interior

Column Moss Art

Love that moss art piece, we do too!

We also took one step further with moss column wrap.  This would work on an interior corner, column, pillar, etc.

moss shapes

We are on the search to learn more of the history of 613 Main Street!   We were sent this picture of downtown Grandview.  One of our building owners believes it is from the 50s due to the make & model of the vehicles.  Our building is the first one on the right.

downtown Grandview in 1950s







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