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Monday, Jul. 9th 2018

furniture makers kansas city We are full of talented reclaimed wood furniture & eco-friendly makers & artists to brighten your office & home.

Custom Furniture Makers

We love the custom furniture makers in Kansas City!  If you are looking for a custom table, chairs, desk, etc. come see our showroom.  Kansas City may be known from yummy barbecue & toe tapping Jazz, but we know there are some incredibly talented furniture makers here too!  

Furniture Makers of Kansas City in our Showroom

When we were creating our showroom, we wanted to bring in pieces that we loved & thought our clients would love too!  Our first collaboration was with this talented maker.  A few years ago, we were STUMPED on a project.  Our costs were too high for the client & we couldn’t figure out how to give the client the same design for less money.  This artist sized up our problem in 5 minutes.  We never forgot the free solution.  It was fitting that she created our hackberry stump coffee table.  

Hackberry is native to this area.  We have long wanted to do something with hackberry as it is less well known, more budget friendly, & beautiful.  This raw piece was in her shop waiting for us.  

Stump Coffee Table on Wheels 

Natural Stump Coffee Table

Tree Stump Side Table 

To say there are some incredible pieces waiting for the right project is an understatement.  This is a beauty just waiting.  We are imagining a cool table or reception desk.  

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Kansas City

Wood Stump Before

You hear of folks leaving a corporate job to live their dream.  Our next 3 custom furniture makers did just that.  They left the corporate path to work independently.  

We were introduced to this maker by a mutual friend.  He was a partner for a publicly traded consulting company.  What would make someone give up that gig?  How about making some cool pieces & telling the story of their furniture.  

Our showroom has this console table as a example of his work.  We love the live wood edge and the metal U legs.  

Live Edge Console Table

Live Edge Console Table

We also love that he repurposes items as much as he can.

wood bench with metal legs

Live Edge Bench 

Repurposed Furniture Before and After


Repurposed Wood Printer Stand

Another one our favorites from this maker is this inspiration from Jean Prouve’s EM table.  The client wanted a table from a repurposed refrigerator table.  We love this mid century modern inspired piece! 

repurposed refrigerator door into table

Our next featured furniture maker in Kansas City collaborated on some smaller items for the showroom.  He is an attorney turned  furniture maker.  He can do tables, desks, etc.  For us, he made these walnut & spalted maple wood desk organizers.  

small desk organizer

Office Decor

desk decor ideas

Cubicle Desk Accessories

Do you love color?  We do.  This furniture maker has an eye for color.   She used to work in IT in corporate America.  Now, she uses that eye for details to make beautiful color combinations.  She starts with reclaimed wood & customizes the color to her customers needs.

Custom Furniture Kansas City 

Steampunk Furniture 

Here is another beautiful piece in the form of work office decor.  What an amazing piece to brighten up any office space.  If you need corporate artwork, this could be it.  

Work Office Decor

Corporate Artwork

If you are looking for a custom piece, reach out to us.  You can also contact us to come see in person the quality work done by these furniture makers in Kansas City. is my e-mail & 913-701-4847 is my phone number.  

Indoor Office Planter

We are very fortunate to have this talented wood worker just a few doors down from us.  At a young 80+, Charlie’s handcrafted pieces are beautiful and functional.   We collaborated on this tabletop plant stand.  The base is made from cherry, walnut, and maple.  The self watering planters are from another Kansas City company.  Each planter is made from almost 8 recycled milk jugs.  

tabletop planter stand

Live Edge Cutting Board

Another example of Charlie’s talent is this red oak live edge table he made for an event space.  

rustic wood serving tray

The hexagon table is another stunning example of Charlie’s craftsmanship.  

hexagon table

Mixed Wood Furniture 

Want to save?  Here is the Pinterest Pin. 

custom furniture makers kansas city

Custom Furniture Makers Kansas City














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