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Wednesday, Feb. 6th 2019

Top 3 Reasons You Need Good Coffee in your Office

Top 3 reasons you need good coffee in your office

With over 50% of adult Americans drink coffee, what is your office serving…top 3 reasons you need good coffee in your office?  We met with Mike at Encore Coffee over lunch to talk about all things coffee.  Mike is a specialty coffee brewer down the street from us & he knows his coffee!

Coffee & Office Productivity 

In the past, we have looked at several ways to increase office productivity.   One of our favorites ways is including biophilic design.  Now, with a small sample size of 2, we are not claiming to be scientific, but we did both agree that coffee makes us more productive.   That boost of caffeine allows us to focus more.   

Mike has a subscription model where he roasts the coffee, packages it, & sends it to his clients.  One point he kept emphasizing is that coffee is a perishable product.  You want it fresh. 

For those that purchase coffee at the grocery store, what does that mean?  It means the coffee will have lost much of its distinction. Those flavor notes of fruit and other characteristics will be gone. 

The good news is when you go to a coffee shop, you are getting the fresh stuff.  Perhaps, that is the reason you are so productive?  Called the coffee shop effect. 

Coffee as a Team Building Exercise

We asked Mike to give us an example of one of his corporate clients.  He talked about a company in the Washington DC area.  They order 15 pounds of coffee at a time.  They have their favorite Columbian mix, but they also have Mike ship something new for them to try.  Coffee from Columbia is a very balanced coffee, making an excellent choice for offices.  The mix of purchasing tried and true coffee and also trying something new is a great conversation starter for co-workers.  Perhaps, you can divide the office into teams and making the coffee subscription into a team building exercise based on their coffee preference. 

Coffee and Millennial Recruitment

We asked Mike what else he could tell us about his clients.  He surprised us by saying his clients are younger than we likely imagine. They skew male and 25 – 35 years old. In researching this surprise, we learned millennials consume 44% of the coffee in the United States. 

For companies wanting to appeal and hire millennials, we suggest you learn about coffee and consider offering premium coffee in your break room.  And, yes, we know a guy that can help you!!  

Is Coffee Made in the USA?

Many of our products are Made in the USA, is it possible to purchase Made in the USA coffee? The answer is yes.  Hawaii is the only state that makes coffee.  Due to higher labor costs, Hawaiian coffee is more expensive than other countries.

What to do with coffee grounds?

We make a conscious effort to feature sustainability and sustainable office products.   It turns out there are lots of way to recycle your coffee grounds.  Here are 16 ways to recycle your coffee grounds.  

Premium Coffee 

Bottom line, there are good reasons (office productivity, team building, & millennial recruitment) to serve GOOD coffee to the office!  Encore has a special corporate subscription plan.  E-mail Mike at & let him know his friends at Green Clean Designs sent you. Perhaps, he will drop off some of his special brew to us!

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