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Sunday, Mar. 10th 2019

Industrial Office Furniture Ideas

ideas for industrial office furniture

If you want industrial office ideas, you will love this blog series.  We will start with industrial office furniture ideas. The pictures are from actual installs, so we have some insight into what the client wanted to create their vision.

ideas for industrial office furniture

Industrial Reception Desk

We will begin with the reception desk or front desk.  This is the first impression that folks have of your company.  Guests, employees, patients, vendors all interact with the reception desk.

Our first example is a reception desk we created from reclaimed wood, walnut transaction top, and used cubicle panels.  The flooring here was carpet.  Concrete floors were used in other areas of this install.  The splash of red contrasted well with the reclaimed wood & matched the push pin fabric we had on the back side of the reception desk.

Reclaimed Wood Reception Desks Kansas City

The second reception desk was a mixture of 3 different fabrics with used cubicle panels. The client here had reclaimed wood on the walls.  The client wanted a material to contrast with the wood.  We went with bright white for the laminate.  The client wanted to make sure the white was bright vs. an ivory tint.

Reception Desk Kansas City

For a technology company, they wanted a small footprint.  The reception desk was not fully staffed.  They did the reclaimed wood.   The reception desk doubled as a TV stand for this company, making it a very functional piece that fits with this technology company’s needs.

Small Reception Desk Kansas City

Our neighbor worked with us on an alder wood reception desk.  We love the details of the nails in this 4 x 2 front desk.  This size works as a sales counter for a retail store or a reception desk.  (shhhh…it could work as a bar too!)  We have reclaimed laminate as the work surface.  The reception desk is natural with an industrial, rustic vibe.

wood reception counter

Industrial Office Cubicle

The last several years have been tough on the office cubicle.  In fact, we did this meme explaining the tough days of office cubicles.

office cubicle meme

They were created for privacy; however, in recent years, companies moved to the open floor plan to reduce costs and increase office productivity.  While the open floor plan does upfront furniture costs, there is much evidence that office productivity decreases.  We believe there is a way to improve the design of cubicles with the benefit of privacy for folks to be able to focus.

In this install of office cubicles, you will see the pipe legs we used to support the work surfaces.  The client’s designer felt black legs would be a stark contrast.  The pipe legs were painted to soften and match the other finish choices.

Three different cubicle styles were created for this client based on the function of employees.  This is common in office installs.  Depending on the employee’s role in the company indicates what office set-up works best.  Will the employee be on the phone where privacy for calls is crucial?  Do they have big plans to spread out and need more work surface?  How much time will the employee spend in the office?  These are questions we ask during office design.

This is the smallest cubicle of the three.  This is a touch down station for folks that do not work full time at the office and are out and about making sales calls.

Touch Down Cubicle

custom cubicles kansas city

Then, we have the customer service stations.  We love that our client incorporated art into these cubicles.  These cubicles were recognized for their use of graphic design.  As cool as that was, we love that the employees were fighting over which cubicle would be their cubicle.

Refurbished Office Furniture Kansas City

Then, we needed bigger cubicles for folks that run the office.  Drop down cubicles were chosen to provide privacy but feel open.

This next install was created by one of our local cubicle partners.  This client wanted tall cubicles for privacy.  Initially, they wanted cubicles with doors.  Instead of the doors, our partner was able to design a more budget-friendly option.  The cubicles chosen with the black frames, glass, and grey contrasts beautifully with the brick walls.  We like their other design choice of vinyl planks that look like a hardwood floor.

tall herman miller cubicles with glass

Here is another install with an industrial feel.  Similar in finishes to the above install, this has some wood accents and pipe legs and glass.

herman miller collaborative cubicles

Industrial Conference Table

Another shared area that we like to add BAM! features is the conference room.  The conference room is used by employees & visitors.  With much of a company’s strategy being discussed around the conference table, the room should be a reflection of the company.From office murals to a unique conference room table, you might want your conference room furniture to stand out.

We like this conference room featuring some vinyl flooring mats we sell.  In this industrial conference room, the table is vintage.  The art takes you back in time.  You can use black and white pictures to get the vintage effect.  Photographs of past projects your company has completed.  Quotes from your client could be framed too.

Industrial Conference Room Furniture

For one of our clients with an open plan office, the conference table and break room table are one and the same.  The table is big enough for all the employees to eat together as well as have an office meeting.

Their entire office has an industrial style.  The table is a combination of wood and metal.

Industrial Wood Meeting Table

Industrial Office Desks

When we dive into industrial office furniture ideas, you have to desk examples.  No matter the size of the office, it will have office desks.  We have created several office desks with an industrial style.  In one install, we included the pipe legs for support with laminate desk work surfaces. This U shaped desk also has grey metal storage.

Modern U Shaped Office Desk Kansas City

We have blended used metal cubicle overheads and refaced them with live wood edges, showcasing the beauty of the wood.   Whether it be a U shaped desk or L shaped desk, we love that the wood becomes a functional piece of art complimenting your industrial office.

L Shaped Desk

U Shaped Desk

One client wanted a vintage industrial look.  We loved the challenge of making preowned files look like they were from the 1940s. We did a blog on that entire project. Cutting to the chase, you can see the finished product.   The blend of the wood shelves, laminate, and files, is truly a showpiece in this install.

Industrial Office Seating

No matter your design style, we want our clients choosing ergonomic seating.  We emphasize function first.  You can not go wrong with the classics.  We don’t believe there is a more comfortable office chair than the Eames soft pad chair.  Designed in the 60s, this chair doesn’t have the bells and whistles of current chairs.  As a result, we recommend it for conference room seating versus task chairs.

industrial conference room

For an office task chair, there are several good ergonomic chairs we recommend.  Recently, we became acquainted with the Knoll Generation ergonomic chair when we purchased a preowned inventory.  We had heard good things about this chair from a dealer in Dallas.  With a seat of 20”, it has a roomy feel.  By comparison, some office chairs are 3” smaller at 17”.  Also, the chair is above standards BIFMA standards to hold 300 pounds. Most commercial chairs are designed for 275 pounds.  It is also approved for 24 / 7 operations.  This means this chair has a stronger frame.

used knoll generation chairs

Bottom line friend, if you are looking for industrial office furniture ideas, we got them.  We service Kansas City + 500 miles.  If you are beyond that, we can connect you with a dealer in your market with the same level of service and design we provide, just e-mail me at

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