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Friday, May. 20th 2022

Best Online Survey Tools

best online survey tools

In this blog post, we aren’t going to talk about office furniture.  Instead, we are going to dig into the best online survey tools. As important as knowing trends in office cubicles, we also have a goal to improve our website to give visitors the best user experience and quickly find answers. One way to do that is by gathering feedback from our visitors. But how do we know what they really think? That’s where online survey tools come in. They can help you gather valuable information about your visitors’ likes, dislikes, and overall experience on your site. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at three of our favorite online survey tools: Hotjar, Jotform, and Unbounce.

Each has its own unique set of features and pricing plans, so you can find the one that best suits your needs. And who knows? Maybe after reading this blog post, you’ll be inspired to make some changes to your own website.

Hotjar Surveys

First, let’s look at Hotjar Surveys. Hotjar is most known as a great option if you want to track user behavior on your website. You can see how people are interacting with your site, what they’re clicking on, and where they’re dropping off and leaving the site. We have found the heatmap wonderful for identifying where visitors were clicking and nothing was happening. In our case, we made many of our pictures link once we realized visitors were trying to click on them. So, as usable as that information is for our site, it is the Hotjar Surveys that we really love capturing leads. Currently, we have 3 surveys on our website.

You can pick the pages on your site to have the surveys. We have a specific survey for cubicle pages. On pages with other products. the survey is less specific. We used the popover feature for the survey to popover from the left or the right. If you have an online chat feature, you will want this to be on the opposite side.

Hotjar Survey Pop-up Delay

We really like that you can set the behavior for when this popover comes up. One online coach we love is Jennifer Allwood. She talks about your website being a first date. When your pop-up comes up too soon, it is like going in for a for a kiss way too soon in the date. Visitors need to learn about you. Have that popover delay for 15 or so seconds. You can also set it to when a user goes to leave the page or after they scroll halfway down.

When hotjar allowed the responses to immediately forward to your e-mail, this became a game changer for us. At one point, there was only a morning daily recap. That still happens, but now you can get a notification of a response in real time. This allows you to quickly respond to visitors. The best thing you can do to improve your lead close rate is to respond quickly.  

If you are interested in Hotjar Surveys, here is our affiliate link. We think, Hotjar Surveys are a must have for an online surveys and improving your website.

Jotform Surveys

We did a happy dance when we found Jotform. We were looking for a solution to do calculations. Our conference room calculator page was extremely popular. We wanted visitors to be able to put in their room dimensions and determine the conference table size that would be the best fit. Also, our product is very visual. Visitors shop with their eyes. We needed a survey where we could add images to help visitors identify what they like. Our Design Your Cubicle survey is an example of a jotform survey.

Jotform is one of those products that you realize it can do so much!  One of our favorites uses is on the backend. Our potential clients want pricing quickly. They want to know if the product is in their budget or not. We have a survey set-up that we input the data and then, give them the pricing. This took the process of giving a price estimate from days to minutes.

Since we carry a bit of inventory, that inventory can change hourly. We love that we can have inventory in a pictures and then, just change the survey. It is much faster than updating the website each time we update our current in-stock inventory. To see what we mean, here is the survey that has our current used and in stock office furniture inventory.

Jotform Apps

Another use for Jotform is the apps feature. We are on the board of an yearly industry trade show. You can use Jotform as an app for conference attendees. They can rate speakers, get the daily schedule, etc. directly from the app.  How cool is that?!  

Jotform Surveys is truly a rabbit hole once you get started with it! The hardest part is editing yourself and not spending all your time using jotform.  If you want to see for yourself that magic of Jotform surveys, here is our affiliate link.

Unbounce Sticky Bars as a Survey

Unbounce is most known for A/B testing of landing pages.  We do use it for that; however, we like it for capturing leads and surveys.  We like the header feature of Unbounce Sticky Bars.  We put this on the website pages that are more popular locally. This is great tool to quickly get out a special almost site wide to your visitors. You can do a header sticky page.

The one drawback we have found is the sticky header does not work on Woocommerce product pages. You can do the header for your posts and other pages, but it will not work on your product pages.  To see an unbounce sticky bar in use, here is our page.  Ready to try unbounce?  Here is our Unbounce sticky bars affiliate link.  

In summary, if you are looking for the best online survey tools, perhaps, you can do what we did and utilize software you are already using.  Hotjar is more than a heatmap software.  Unbounce can do more than just landing page a/b testing.  And, jotform…well, it can do just about anything!  Good luck!  Did we not mention your favorite survey tool?  Let us know what that is & why you love it at


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