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DIY cubicle decor

Discover Cheap Ways for DIY Cubicle Decor

Ready for a DIY cubicle decor project?   One way to reflect your personality is a DIY cubicle project done by YOU!  On our office must have list we an ergonomic office chair, good light, & office plant, but you also...

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small rewards ideas

Small Rewards Ideas – those small goals to get you to the big hairy goals

We love this quote, "Life is Like Soccer, You Need Goals!"  To help get you there, we look at small rewards ideas.  There is a whole theory on microproductivity and breaking big tasks into smaller tasks.  When we created our goal board, we...

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office pet peeves

Office Pet Peeves The funny things that drive you crazy in the work place

Oh, the office pet peeves!  We wrote about cubicle etiquette & that created a whole other category of office pet peeves.  Hopefully, in reading this, you can get the benefits of humor in the workplace.  As someone that has worked...

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Business goal setting

Business goal setting, Business reflection, and business focus to reach new heights in your business

As we enter 2019, it is time for my business goal setting.  Armed with my weekly goal board & my brilliant life planner, I am ready!  This year I am trying something new. I decided to pick two words to...

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grandview christmas tree on main street

Grandview Christmas Tree on Main Street

Check out our Grandview Christmas Tree on Main Street.  This year the city of Grandview created #mainstreetmerry.  For $50, you are assigned an outdoor tree & location for a 5 foot tall on Main Street.  Our tree was placed right...

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Office Planter Ideas for more creative, productive, & healthy life

Office Planter Ideas for a more creative, productive, & healthy life!

When we posted home office must haves, an office plant was one of our must haves.  So, whether you are at home or go into an office, we have office planter ideas.  We have taken our suggestion seriously & we...

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industrial office designs

Industrial office designs: Herman Miller Eames chairs, retro style raw metal patina desks, & handcrafted wood shelves

Our client loves industrial office designs and we have industrial office ideas!  A few weeks ago, a past client from Nashville called us.  We did an install for them a few years ago and they needed furniture for another office....

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repurposed materials

Waste to WOW: Repurposed materials from manufacturing scrap waste into some office decor wow!

We love working with repurposed materials and saving material from the landfill.  For the last decade, most of what we saved is office furniture.   We remanufactured the used cubicles by recovering office panels with new fabric to refresh them....

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green office tips

Want a green office? These tips will help!

What Exactly is Going Green? Going green has become a very popular term over the last 15 years, and it is here to stay.  The term refers to the color most prevalent in the natural environment, and while there is...

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Indoor Plants That Clean the Air and Remove Toxins

Indoor Plants That Clean the Air and Remove Toxins

The importance of living in a healthy environment can never be overemphasized. As a matter of fact, a healthy environment goes beyond keeping your surrounding clean but includes having the right indoor plants. Over time, people have underestimated the health...

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