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industrial office designs

Industrial office designs: Herman Miller Eames chairs, retro style raw metal patina desks, & handcrafted wood shelves

Our client loves industrial office designs and we have industrial office ideas!  A few weeks ago, a past client from Nashville called us.  We did an install for them a few years ago and they needed furniture for another office....

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repurposed materials

Waste to WOW: Repurposed materials from manufacturing scrap waste into some office decor wow!

We love working with repurposed materials and saving material from the landfill.  For the last decade, most of what we saved is office furniture.   We remanufactured the used cubicles by recovering office panels with new fabric to refresh them....

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green office tips

Want a green office? These tips will help!

What Exactly is Going Green? Going green has become a very popular term over the last 15 years, and it is here to stay.  The term refers to the color most prevalent in the natural environment, and while there is...

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Indoor Plants That Clean the Air and Remove Toxins

Indoor Plants That Clean the Air and Remove Toxins

The importance of living in a healthy environment can never be overemphasized. As a matter of fact, a healthy environment goes beyond keeping your surrounding clean but includes having the right indoor plants. Over time, people have underestimated the health...

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Identifying wood types furniture

Identifying wood types pictures to know which wood will work for your custom furniture piece.

We love wood!!   Identifying wood types pictures can make it easier to figure out the wood species. In our projects, we were not married to a certain species of wood.  We were looking for a beautiful piece.  If you...

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home office must haves

Inspire & must haves for your home office. Let’s design an office for comfort & success.

After designing many home offices, including our own, here are our tried & true home office must haves!   Ergonomic Office Chair  Let's start with your back & your body.  You need to purchase an office chair that is comfortable...

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mens desk

Find out how we saved money, used scrap material, and designed some COOOL Aluminum mens office desks.

When we received a call a few weeks ago from a horse trailer manufacturer needing mens office desks for the drafting dudes, we pitched the idea of using some of their material to make the desks.  They were open to...

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Boring to Bam Table Old desk makeover

Old desk makeover watch desk goes from boring to BAM! in less than 2 hours

DIY Old Desk Makeover  We started with this old desk or small table that had been in my mother's basement for MANY, MANY years.  The piece had good bones & was just outdated.  We love the size, making versatile at...

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office desk must haves

Office Desk Accessories – From boring to BAM, Humdrum to Healthy, & Open to Private

We have office desk accessories that focus on healthy & sustainable you!!  Purchase 2 or more items for the best deal.   Office Desk Accessories Let's start with the healthy!  With the amount of hours you sit, you want an...

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Conference Room Size Calculator

What size conference room table fits into this office space? Our conference room calculator can help.

How do you choose the appropriate size conference table for your conference room?  Here is a conference room size calculator to help.  A general rule of thumb is to have at least 42” between the edge of the table and...

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