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humor in the workplace

Humor in the Workplace

We believe an office must have is Humor in the Workplace.  Studies show that leading with laughter is very beneficial to a team..   Years ago, I was on a project that tested this theory.  I was consulting in Bethesda,...

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waiting room chairs for medical office

Waiting Room Chairs for Medical Office

We received a call from a client looking for waiting room chairs for medical office.  She had seen some fun ottoman seating and was looking for something similar - a BAM! piece - for a pediatric clinic.  We talked thru...

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office tables

Office Tables Installed: Conference Tables, Training Room Tables, Break Room Tables

This client was looking for office tables.  They needed conference tables, training tables, and break room tables.  We will showcase each area and the furniture chosen to meet the client's needs.  If you are wondering what size table for your...

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innovative office designs

Innovative Office Designs and a BAM! Piece for the Office

A good day for us is a day when a classic office piece like a Duncan Phyfe sofa is saved and repurposed in innovative office designs. Traditional furniture has struggled to find its way into today's modern office design. We...

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ideas to create an industrial look for the office

Ideas to Create an Industrial Look for the Office

If you are thinking of industrial office design, you need ideas to create an industrial look for the office.  Luckily, we love sharing industrial office ideas.  Industrial Reception Desk Let’s start with the moment your clients walk thru your front...

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industrial desk ideas

Industrial Desk Ideas

We love this blog series of industrial office ideas.  It is giving a chance to revisit past installs.  No matter the size of your office, you will need a desk.  We are sharing industrial desk ideas to match your industrial...

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industrial office decor ideas

Industrial Office Decor Ideas

In this blog series, we have been sharing industrial office ideas.  Many times with your corporate office design, you may not have as much input on the industrial desks, cubicles, or chairs.  Where you can have input is your industrial...

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ideas for a modern office clinic

Modern Office Design for a Clinic

We love sharing office design ideas from our office furniture installs to provide insight into the project.   In this install, we take you thru the modern office design for a clinic for our friends in Columbia, Missouri.  Frequently, we work...

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ideas for industrial office furniture

Industrial Office Furniture Ideas

If you want industrial office ideas, you will love this blog series.  We will start with industrial office furniture ideas. The pictures are from actual installs, so we have some insight into what the client wanted to create their vision. Industrial...

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Top 3 reasons you need good coffee in your office

Top 3 Reasons You Need Good Coffee in your Office

With over 50% of adult Americans drink coffee, what is your office 3 reasons you need good coffee in your office?  We met with Mike at Encore Coffee over lunch to talk about all things coffee.  Mike is a...

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