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Tuesday, Jun. 12th 2018

Kansas City Environmentally Eco-friendly Sustainable Companies Here is a virtual high five to some green minded KC friends.

Kansas City Environmentally Sustainable Companies

We love Kansas City Environmentally Sustainable Eco-friendly Companies!  Here are some of our favorites:

Scraps KC 

Scraps KC has something for everyone.  It is a store full of recycled items from companies & individuals.  It is hard to describe all you can find there & you need to walk around the store several times to see all of it.  It is a teacher’s dream!  Here is a far from inclusive list:  poster board, pens, pencils, crayons, fabric scraps, tape measures, wood scraps, markers, folders, mobile stands, mannequins,  etc.  

Here is a picture of our latest purchase.  We purchased wood trays for samples, table holder, pool sticks, bent wrench, letters, folders, & mobile stand.   

Scraps KC

The pool sticks became our towel holders for our restrooms & the bent wrench will be the toilet paper holder.  

rustic bathroom decor reclaimed towel holder & toilet paper roll holder

Did we expect to find these items there?  Nope, but that is the fun about shopping in Scraps KC, you never know what treasure you will find.  

We also donated several fabric scraps.  They weigh your donation & send you a donation form later.  

Then, you have the homeless outreach done by Scraps KC.  

Check-out their website for more additional information.  ScrapsKC 

Recycled Surfaces

recycled glass shards kansas city

Recycled surfaces was created to make marketable items from recycled glass that is recycled in Kansas City.  Ripple Glass has drop off all over Kansas City.  They continue to expand their collection area.  Much of the recycled glass goes into insulation.  Some of the glass is used for countertops, table tops & soon to be floors.  We have worked with them several times for glass conference tables and glass transaction counters.  This recycled glass table top is currently available for purchase.  

Recycled Surfaces


The Chive Cafe & Market

This Farm to Market restaurant will be 10 minutes from our showroom in Grandview when it opens in Summer of 2020 .  We were fortunate to visit the farm that will supply some items for the incredible menu.  On a summer Saturday morning, we went to do some gardening & sample the future under 18 menu.  

farm to table restaurants kansas city

The farm is truly sustainable.  From the no pesticides to the composting, Michelle Brown plans to keep this same focus from her farm to the cafe.  There will not be plastic straws.  You can bring in your own containers for left overs.  

We finished the morning with a taste testing.  My son and I fought over the grilled cheese.  The corn chowder and quinoa salad have me counting the days until The Chive is open.  

There will also be a brewery called Transparent.  The food will have beer recommendations.  Until they open, you can follow their instagram @thechivesimplygood

The Chive Farm to Table Restaurant

Laser Cycle

They sell remanufactured printer ink & toner cartridges. LaserCycle is head quartered in Kansas City.  They also have operations in California and Pennsylvania.  LaserCycle has been around for 20 years.  We give them a plus for longevity in an ever-changing technology world. They manufacture in the USA!  We love that & they employ 300 plus US workers.  They pay above average for manufacturing jobs.  The management team has been together for a long time & understands the cost of hiring and retraining folks.  For these reasons, they retain employees. 

There is a lot of good, but what we really love is their green remanufacturing process.  In a tour of their facility, we learned that an HP cartridge can be reused 2 – 3 times. When you purchase from LaserCycle, you receive a return label to ship empties back to them.

Another plus is the partnership with have with them on a couple of our products.  

Recycled Drum Light 

LED Modern Chandelier

Business Card Holder

Blue business card holder

Urban Lumber

We have worked with Urban Lumber since they launched a few years ago.  We loved that they take trees that had been destined to become mulch and make them into sellable lumber.  Since the lumber doesn’t come from a mill, it is full of character.  Many of the furniture makers, we work with are also regulars at Urban Lumber.  

Here are some of our favorite pieces created from wood purchased at Urban Lumber.  

This reception desk has a maple transaction top.  

L Shaped Reclaimed Wood Reception Desk Kansas City

This U shape desk installed in Lenexa led to the big project we did in Nashville.  The owner of the business love the walnut wood faced overheads.  Of course the wood was source at Urban Lumber. 

Industrial Office Design Photos Kansas City

Kansas City Environmentally Sustainable Eco-friendly Companies We want to hear about them!

Do you know of Kansas City Environmentally Sustainable Companies that should make our list?  We would love to hear about them!  You can e-mail me at






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