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Saturday, Mar. 30th 2019

Industrial Office Decor Ideas

industrial office decor ideas

In this blog series, we have been sharing industrial office ideas.  Many times with your corporate office design, you may not have as much input on the industrial desks, cubicles, or chairs.  Where you can have input is your industrial office décor.  Let’s look at industrial office decor ideas that work in an industrial office.  

industrial office decor ideas

Office Organization

Whether you prefer magnet boards, pin bulletin boards, wood shelves, or grid wall, visually hanging items is a wonderful way to personalize your space with some industrial office decor.

Umbra Magnetic Bulletin Board

When we are designing an office, we are drawn to multi-functional pieces.  This bulletin board is an example.  It is a functional piece of art that is pin board & magnetic. It looks good against a wood back drop. You can hang it directly to the wall. It also works with cubicle hangers

modern cubicle decor

Office Grid Wall

Grid wall is another popular choice for office organization.  It also made JoAnna Gains’ list for home office décor.  Grid wall has accessories that hang off it.  It comes in multiple colors and can be painted.  There isn’t enough metal for it to be magnetic. 

grid wall for cubicle

Desk Top Dividers 

As we mentioned, we love a multifunctional piece.  We make custom bulletin boards and desk top dividers.  Here are some we made with graphics for a technology company.   You can pin into the boards.  They are very dense to absorb sound and provide privacy.  For this software company with many engineers, they wanted a dark, solid color.  The aisle side has graphics chosen by the company. 

desk soundproofing dividers

Fabric Bulletin Board 

Frequently, we have used these fabric bulletin boards with our desk installs.  We love customizing the pin boards with a fabric that compliments the desk design. 

Industrial Office Space U shaped Desk Kansas City

Industrial Art Décor

Luckily, we found a Made in the USA supplier for industrial floor mats and industrial art décor. When we are changing up the showroom, we are always amazed about how the design style completely changes when you switch the artwork and floor mat.  A mid-century piece can change to look industrial with a small change in accessories.  

Patent Art 

Patent art is a common art selection with industrial pieces.  Here is an example with motorcycle patents with an industrial desk.

industrial desk with patent art

Another example of patent art with your industrial decor is these airplane patents.  

industrial table with airplane art

Black and White Industrial Art 

Instead of using patents, this industrial art example is shooting targets in black and white.  If you want a conversation starter, this art selection would be it. 

industrial wood desks ideas

Floral Artwork

As an example of how to completely soften a wood table with metal chairs, you have the colorful flowers in the vases for the complimentary art. 

industrial break room ideas

The next example is something in between the patent art and the flowers.  You have black and white outlines of the flowers blending with the metal of the table and light. 

industrial art for gray walls

Industrial Floor Mats

In all the industrial art pictures above, you will see industrial floor mats.  Regularly, we were asked by customers for a better office chair mat.  We were thrilled to find these Spicher vintage floor cloths.  There are so many amazing patterns.  Again, you can change the look of a grouping by switching the floor mat.  They work on all hardwood surfaces. 

From wood to concrete, they are low maintenance.  You can find several of them in our showroom concrete flooring.  Pet friendly and stylish, we love these industrial floor mats.  Don’t you need at least 3 of them?? 

dog friendly floor mats

Industrial Planters

We are big believers that your office needs plants.  There are so many benefits of plants in the office.  As a result, the amount of plants in our showroom continues to grow. 

Tiered Plant Stand 

Our desktop tiered plant stand is one of our favorite planters.  We worked with a local company, Wallygro, on this plant stand.  We love that the planter is made from recycled plastic.  The planters look amazing with Charles’ mixed wood creation. 

modern wooden plant stand

Indoor Ceramic Planter

A ceramic planter also works with industrial office décor.  This jade succulent continues to thrive in the ceramic planter.   One of our favorite candles is from Grandma Hoerner’s candle collection.  After enjoying the Spring on the Farm candle, it became the home to this lovely plant.   

handmade indoor ceramic planter

Burlap Planter 

Do you love burlap? We love it with the rustic, industrial feel.  In fact, we love it so much we have used it to recover our mobile pedestal cushions.  We have our croton plant in a burlap bag.  Our burlap was lined with a canvas fabric; however, it would not have to be. 

burlap planter

Dried Flowers and a Bottle

Our last example is a simple one.  We repurposed an olive oil bottle with dried billy balls.  No matter your style, we think billy balls are a versatile accessory.   With a simple change of the vase, you can match your design style. 

billy balls dried flowers

Industrial Desk Lamps 

Another popular accessory for your industrial office decor is a desk lamp.  We love natural light in a work space; however, you also need some assistance from Thomas Edison.  

Industrial Pipe Lamp

We love designing with pipe.  Metal, good old pipe, we have used it as the support legs for a modern industrial cubicle install.  This industrial pipe lamp was used in the office space of our neighbors on Design Drive.  They made their desk top and bar height tables from reclaimed bowling alley lanes.  

industrial pipe lamp

Modern Industrial Desk Lamp

We love the way Gray Pant Studio scrap lights blend modern and industrial styles.  Hand crafted from recycled cardboard, the flute of the cardboard dances with the light.  At first glance, they appear to be hanging baskets.  When guests to our showroom see our hanging scrap lights and realize they are made from cardboard, we love the reaction.  

There is a modern industrial desk lamp version of the scrap lights.  Available in white or brown to compliment your industrial office decor.  

eco-friendly lamp

Need some industrial office décor in your life?  E-mail us and

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